From the recording Songs from Fiction Pt 1 EP


Lola, you’re the perfect foil, for my imagination
Upon you, I can project my ills, with no sense of retribution
And if that feels a tad unfair, I’ll throw in a missing pair of eyelashes
That was meant for you and not Cher
And if that still feels a shade unfair, I’ll send you off to New York Fair
To slum it with the roaches and the musicians

Lola, you know I love you more, for your self-deprecation
You’ve cut your hair, eyes have been blackened, roll on your fishnet tights
Now all the singers in the land, eat humble pie from you hand
And invite you to roll curlers into their hair
As you were tumbling in the air, backstage, they took you under their care
In Melbourne, your refuge at the Tivoli

Lola, calm your disquiet with my here sympathy
Although I’ve caused many a riot, all I want is simplicity
If I was feeling ill at ease, I can be sure of your repartee
You were never meant to be the cat among the pigeons
Sometimes I need your complicity, that’s when I lean on your repartee
You were never meant to be the cat among the pigeons

Lola, in a roundabout way you’ve led me to my destination
It’s too bad one of your birds have now flown, you can’t replace what you’ve never owned
It’s true you’re my secret hand, against fascist reprimand
I hope you stand out from the crowd,
Now that you have your own agency, I’ll let go of my authority
So that you can stand out from the crowd